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If you feel that you could make a good contribution to WorkForAll, contact us. Several levels exist:
Registered users have access to all articles and can freely post comments. Registered users can also post in their own name using the story mechanism. Entries however are submitted for review first, checked with the editorial rules and if the post satisfies the rules of proper language and is relevant for the WorkForAll website, it will be published as such.

WorkForAll members, after a positive approval of their application, can contribute by working on specific studies, book reviews, articles, books, etc. Each member can have his own blog.

Besides, WorkForAll organises from time to time presentations on specific subjects. The rules for admission are mainly having the capacity to analyze a subject from a socio-economic point of view and being able to write coherent articles in a professional manner. WorkForAll is open for divergence in opinion but applies scientific rigor based on data and facts whenever possible. Opinions should be based on verifiable data. Opinions are valid as long as new data does not contradict them. Hence, peer review is important and every opinion should be verified by looking from different angles. Free-thinking econometrists, welcome!

(note however that to reduce spam-overhead, comments are first submitted for approval. If the comment satisfies the rules of proper language and is relevant for the topic, it will be published as such.)

Following editorial policy applies:


The WorkForAll editorial policy consists in making freely available to its readers thematic information that is relevant for the mission of WorkForAll. Postings based on facts, enriched with references, with a true informational input, about checkable and if possible exclusive facts, will be given priority. Postings can be in English, Dutch/Nederlands, French and German.

Revising committee and editorial responsibility
We are aware that initiatives like the one of WorkForAll potentially increase the risks to spread rumors, disinformation, or to relay willing or unwilling manipulations. For this reason, we believe it is necessary to review postings to act as a "filter" prior to publication on-line. However, each author remains responsible for his published posts and he/she has the duty to check their accuracy before submitting them for publication.

The review process will check the compliance of the submitted postings with the WorkForaAll editorial policy and when doubts remain, it may initiate complementary investigations. Otherwise, WorkForAll urges each potential author to pay maximum attention to the intellectual property rights governing information he/she intends to publish, and especially to respect copyrights.

In the unfortunate case a posting holds inaccurate information that bypassed both the author’s and reviewing process filters, it can be deleted at any moment, above all when no reader pointed out the inaccuracy in the comments of the article.

By submitting a story or a document on WorkForAll, authors implicitly agree that it may be freely reproduced on third-party websites or off the internet by other media. Authors also agree that WorkForAll has the right to publish the posting.

Operation of the review process
Given the specificity of WorkForAll, the review process is not an exact copy of the ones found within a traditional newspaper editorial staff. It is indeed set up with WorkForAll members and also with external experts when deemed necessary. As this capability is not yet fully automated, it can take some time, but typically just a few hours to a day, to have the story reviewed. So, don't worry if you receive no immediate response.

Validation of a story
On a general basis, the objective of WorkForAll is to publish postings that feature objective facts, that can be checked and be as objective as possible. In other words, WorkForAll will not publish stories that solely express personal opinions, when they are subjective and non checkable. For this reason, anyone can become a contributor for WorkForAll, independently from his/her political, economical, religious, cultural or social viewpoints. The nature of our review process is thus limited to policy checking in terms of the content. Our desire is to gather a various range of profiles in order to create a real editorial and informational diversity. It is however also possible to freely comment any published story ("add a comment" at the bottom of the posting).

Though we favor facts linked with analysis, it is also possible to submit a background story on a precise topic on condition to bring new elements. However such stories will only be published if they bring an original and well documented viewpoint.

The reviewers will not alter the bottom line of a submitted story without consent forum its author. Nonetheless, it will ensure the correctness of the syntax used, spelling, and layout, and it may modify the title to help readers gain interest in it. Files attached to stories (photographs, short movies, audio samples) may be pushed or deleted, depending on the case, or be optimized especially if the content or files size require it. Besides, when judged necessary, a story may be moved to a different section than the one it was initially submitted for. Finally, the reviewers may also alter the story to fix mistakes of minor inaccuracies (for instance when there is a mistake on a date or on the name of someone quoted), but under the condition these corrections do not alter the meaning and scope of the story.

Refusal of a story
Generally speaking, submissions that do not comply with the WorkForAlll policy as described above will be rejected. More precisely, submissions will systematically be rejected when they feature libellous, pornographic or commercial content, as well as when they encourage hatred, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., but this does not exclude analysis of such phenomena. A story that has been submitted several times (even under different titles) may also be refused.

Comments on the stories are also governed by the editorial policy and they must be respectful, otherwise they may be deleted without notice.

The following conditions summarize reasons leading to a publication refusal:

* Copyrighted content
* Delivers a personal opinion while lacking documentation
* Does not cover WorkForAll relevant subjects
* Not exclusive
* Describes misleading or non checkable facts
* Too short
* Too long
* Unclear, imprecise
* Content may be libellous
* Features pornographic content
* Features commercial content
* Encourages hatred, racism, sexism, homophobia
* Already submitted item

Too many postings submitted can also be a reason WorkForAll has to reduce the number of accepted postings. The best written submissions will be published frst.

The reason why a story is refused will be communicated by email to its author.

Conditions for publication on WorkForAll

Any who wants to become a contributor and be able to publish stories on WorkForAll agrees with the following conditions:

1. Each author agrees with the WorkForAll editorial policy. In particular, he/she remains responsible for stories he/she asks for publication. The author must check the accuracy, reliability and originality of its story before submitting it.

2. WorkForAll may investigate a submitted story further if judged necessary.

3. WorkForAll urges each author to pay maximum attention to the various intellectual property rights governing the information used in their story, and to comply with copyrights.

4. Any story featuring inaccurate information will be immediately deleted.

5. By publishing stories on WorkForAll, authors agree that all or part of their stories may be reproduced by partners media. Unless clearly expressed notice, authors also agree that the revising committee reproduced a story already published on their blog or website, when it suits the WorkForAll editorial policy.

6. WorkForAll will not publish stories that solely express personal subjective opinions.

7. It is allowed to comment a published story or to submit an analysis on a specific topic, enlighten with additions.

8. The reviewers will not alter the ideas expressed within a story without consent of its author.

9. Libellous stories will systematically be rejected, as well as stories encouraging hatred, racism, sexism, homophobia...

10. WorkForAll does not claim any political, economical, cultural or religious belonging or tendencies

11. All authors must use their full legal name and provide a valid e-mail address for contact. Aliases are not accepted.