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Time for EU energy union, says Polish PM

EU Observer - 22 April, 2014 - 09:54
The European Union must create an energy union to secure its supply and reduce its dependence on Russian gas, Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk has said.

[EU Elections] Belgium's biggest party has no allies in the EP

EU Observer - 22 April, 2014 - 08:25
With one month to go until the EU vote, it is clear that Belgium's political party will have several MEPs but unclear whether it will wield any real influence in the next European Parliament.

[EU Elections] Czech people's party lands in hot water over anti-immigration line

EU Observer - 22 April, 2014 - 08:25
The Czech Christian Democrats’ campaign for the EU elections got off to a rocky start earlier this month after it included a controversial line about immigration in its party programme.

[Ticker] Russia says Kiev 'breaking Geneva accord' on Ukraine

EU Observer - 22 April, 2014 - 08:19
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday accused the government in Kiev of breaching the international Geneva accord reached last week aimed at defusing the crisis in Ukraine. He said Kiev authorities had not granted an amnesty to arrested protesters, as required by the Geneva deal.

[Ticker] Oettinger hits out at early German retirement plans

EU Observer - 22 April, 2014 - 08:19
The German government would be moving in the wrong direction if it reduced the retirement age to 63 and would be setting a bad example to other EU states, the country’s EU commissioner Gunther Oettinger told Die Welt. Oettinger says Germany should instead raise the retirement age to 70.

[Ticker] Ukip defends 'racist' poster campaign

EU Observer - 22 April, 2014 - 08:16
Ukip leader Nigel Farage has defended his party's controversial election campaign ahead of the May European elections as "a hard-hitting reflection of reality" after the posters were called "racist". One billboard depicts a man dressed as a builder begging for spare change next to the words: “EU policy at work."

[Ticker] Poll shows Scottish independence camp gaining ground

EU Observer - 22 April, 2014 - 08:15
The gap between Yes and No to Scottish independence is narrowing, according to a ICM survey for Scotland on Sunday. The No vote has dropped from 46 percent to 42 percent over the past month while the Yes vote has remained steady at 39 percent.

[Ticker] IMF sees Portugal's economy improving

EU Observer - 22 April, 2014 - 08:12
Portugal's economic outlook has improved, but the country faces challenges to make growth sustainable, the IMF said on Monday. It urged the government to keep bringing its spending under tighter control, while calling the 15% unemployment rate "troublingly high". The EU/IMF bailout programme is due to end in May.

[Opinion] EU elections 2014: Toward a democratic revolution?

EU Observer - 22 April, 2014 - 08:10
The question asked to EU voters will therefore no longer be "Are you for or against Europe?", but "What kind of Europe do you want?".

Environmental NGOs launch election demands as Green support dips

EU Active - 22 April, 2014 - 07:17
Europe’s biggest environmental groups have launched campaigning platforms for elections in May, as the Green Party presence in the next parliament looks set to thin dramatically.

New EU law to help investors pick good corporate citizens

EU Active - 22 April, 2014 - 07:15
Investors looking for companies with good environmental, social and governance track records will find the job easier, after European politicians ruled that thousands of firms must reveal their performance as corporate citizens.

Poland calls for EU action to end Russia’s energy stranglehold

EU Active - 22 April, 2014 - 06:56
The EU must create an energy union to secure its gas supply, because its current dependence on Russian energy makes Europe weak, Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk wrote in an article in the Financial Times.

IMF: Portugal bailout to end in May

EU Active - 22 April, 2014 - 06:42
Portugal's near-term economic prospects are improving as its international bailout nears an end, but it must keep up reforms, in order to prevent debt growth, the IMF said.

Ukraine’s Geneva agreement falters

EU Active - 22 April, 2014 - 06:33
An international agreement to avert wider conflict in Ukraine began to unravel Sunday (21 April), with pro-Moscow gunmen showing no sign of surrendering seized government buildings.

With Government Roads, the Customer Is Always Wrong

Ludwig von Mises Institute - 22 April, 2014 - 06:00

The state has no motivation to accommodate users’ needs, but to crack down on anyone who does not conform to its timeworn model of road usage.

Blog Summary

Open Europe - 22 April, 2014 - 01:00
How in the world did central banks miss this?

Daily Press Summary

Open Europe - 22 April, 2014 - 01:00
UK MEPs from all parties benefit from controversial second pension scheme; Scheme???s deficit could cost taxpayer £187m

The Logical Progression of “Public Accomodation”

Ludwig von Mises Institute - 21 April, 2014 - 06:00

One implication of a positive right to service from a business is the derivative positive right to quality service.

War and Time Preference: The American Army in Australia

Ludwig von Mises Institute - 21 April, 2014 - 06:00

War and militarization increase time preference, and social ills soon follow.

Economic Progress and the Primacy of the Individual

Ludwig von Mises Institute - 19 April, 2014 - 06:00

The economic success of the West and of free economies everywhere stems from the acceptance within many societies (to varying degrees) that individuals are all equal in the right to own property and exercise freedom from the collective. States, on the other hand, claim a special and exalted position within society.
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