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Open Europe - 1 September, 2014 - 01:00
Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk appointed new European Council President; Tusk: Many of Cameron???s EU reform proposals are ???sensible???

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Open Europe - 1 September, 2014 - 01:00
"I understand that Tusk it's OK": Has the Cypriot President just spoiled it all?

EU leaders give Putin one-week deadline

EU Observer - 31 August, 2014 - 01:25
EU leaders have given Russia one week to stop attacking Ukraine or face more sanctions.

[Ticker] Romania may send a female commissioner

EU Observer - 31 August, 2014 - 01:04
Romania is preparing a female candidate for the EU commission, while sticking to Dacian Ciolos as first option, prime minister Victor Ponta said. The European Parliament has threatened to veto the new EU commission if fewer than nine members are female. Only five other countries have nominated women so far.

Denmark nominates Margrethe Vestager as commissioner

EU Active - 31 August, 2014 - 00:56

Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on Sunday morning (31 August) revealed that she has nominated Economics and Internal Affairs Minister Margrethe Vestager as the country's next commissioner.

[Ticker] Lithuanian president abstained from Mogherini vote

EU Observer - 31 August, 2014 - 00:19
Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite was the only EU leader on Saturday to abstain when the Donald Tusk-Federica Mogherini duo was approved to fill two top jobs, several EU sources told EUobserver. Grybauskaite had publicly questioned Mogherini's credentials to become the next EU foreign affairs representative because of her pro-Russia stance.

[Ticker] Denmark nominates female minister as EU commissioner

EU Observer - 31 August, 2014 - 00:08
Denmark has nominated economy minister Margrethe Vestager as EU commissioner, a 46-year old Liberal who finalised complex dossiers during the Danish EU presidency in response to the economic crisis. EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has promised better posts for female candidates in "compensation" for being outnumbered by male colleagues.

Profile: Federica Mogherini, the next EU foreign affairs chief

EU Active - 30 August, 2014 - 22:03

Federica Mogherini, the 41-year-old Italian minister for foreign affairs, will lead the EU’s foreign policy for the next five years.

EU leaders choose Tusk and Mogherini

EU Active - 30 August, 2014 - 21:45

The two favorites to become the next European Council president and foreign chief, Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Italy's Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini, were appointed by EU heads of state and government in Brussels on Saturday (30 August).

At a press conference shortly after 8pm, the two received flowers and a standing ovation by journalists before they were introduced by current European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

Poroshenko: The EU's agenda now revolves around Ukraine

EU Active - 30 August, 2014 - 21:24

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko took centre stage at today’s (30 August) EU summit and said the Union’s heads of state and government had given his country broad support since it had faced “open aggression” from Russia, adding that the EU's agenda from now on was largely revolving around Ukraine.

EU leaders pick Tusk, Mogherini for top posts

EU Observer - 30 August, 2014 - 20:43
EU leaders have chosen Polish PM Tusk as the next EU Council president and Italian minister Mogherini as the bloc's foreign affairs chief.

[Ticker] EU leaders pick Tusk and Mogherini for top posts

EU Observer - 30 August, 2014 - 18:32
EU leaders in Brussels on Saturday picked Polish PM Donald Tusk to be the next EU Council head and Italian FM Federica Mogherini to be the bloc's next foreign relations chief. Tusk will take up his post on 1 December, while Mogherini will start along with the new European Commission.

[Ticker] EU ambassadors toughen up Russia conclusions

EU Observer - 30 August, 2014 - 17:32
EU ambassadors Saturday strengthened summit conclusions on Russia. Earlier drafts spoke of "reported participation" of Russian soldiers in fighting inside Ukraine and said the EU will "consider" new sanctions. Saturday's text confirms there are "actions by Russian armed forces on Ukrainian soil" and calls for "urgent" preparation of new sanctions.

[Ticker] Juncker 'interviewed' Mogherini ahead of EU summit

EU Observer - 30 August, 2014 - 17:23
The next EU commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, "interviewed" Italian foreign minister Federica Mogherini before the EU summit, according to Juncker's spokeswoman. Mogherini travelled from Milan where she took part in a foreign ministers' meeting earlier on Saturday. She is expected to be appointed the next EU foreign policy chief.

[Ticker] EU leaders to meet in Italy in October

EU Observer - 30 August, 2014 - 16:15
EU leaders are to meet in Italy on 7 October, at the invitation of prime minister Matteo Renzi, whose country chairs the EU rotating presidency, according to the latest summit draft conclusions. The meeting is a follow-up to previous events in Berlin and Paris on youth unemployment and economic growth.

Paris socialist pre-summit focuses on economy, employment

EU Active - 30 August, 2014 - 15:00

Eight social democrat leaders including Sigmar Gabriel from Germany, Denmark's Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Italy's Matteo Renzi said today (30 August) in Paris that they want to add economic policy to the agenda of the EU summit.

[Ticker] Tusk and Mogherini are EU 'dynamic duo'

EU Observer - 30 August, 2014 - 14:17
Finnish PM Stubb said in Brussels on Saturday that Polish PM Tusk and Italian FM Mogherini are a "probably the dynamic duo which will lead Europe in the future", referring to the EU posts of Council head and foreign affairs chief, respectively, up for grabs at a summit later today.

Poroshenko: EU likely to hold off on Russia sanctions

EU Observer - 30 August, 2014 - 13:41
EU leaders are likely to hold off on extra Russia sanctions until at least next week, Ukraine’s president indicated in Brussels Saturday.

[Ticker] EU urges Russia to 'withdraw forces from Ukraine'

EU Observer - 30 August, 2014 - 11:34
EU foreign affairs chief Ashton said Saturday that "all" the bloc's foreign ministers at a meeting in Milan on Saturday expressed "concern ... about the recent aggression against Ukraine by Russia's regular forces" and urged Russia to "withdraw its forces from Ukraine". Russia denies its troops are fighting inside Ukraine.

[Ticker] Draft: EU 'ready to consider' more Russia sanctions

EU Observer - 30 August, 2014 - 09:55
Draft conclusions for Saturday's EU summit, dated 27 August and leaked to the FT on Friday, say the bloc "stands ready to consider further steps" against Russia due to the "reported participation of Russian armed forces in operations on Ukrainian soil". EU ambassadors are working on a new draft Saturday.

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