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Updated: 2 hours 50 min ago

[Opinion] EU watershed on criminal law poses questions for UK

3 hours 12 min ago
The 1 December shake-up in EU law on criminal and justice issues poses questions for the UK and the future of the European Arrest Warrant.

Danish parliament to vote on Palestine recognition

3 hours 20 min ago
Danish MPs are to vote on a resolution instructing Denmark to recognise Palestine, but its foreign minister has told EUobserver the time is not right.

[Ticker] Mogherini unsure on Ashton's future role

3 hours 41 min ago
EU foreign affairs chief Mogherini has said she will decide "in the coming days" if her predecessor, Ashton, is to keep chairing Iran nuclear talks. Mogherini took over Ashton's job on 1 November. Ashton was to keep her Iran role until Monday, but the nuclear talks were extended until end-June.

[Ticker] Turkish PM riles EU with comment on women

3 hours 43 min ago
Turkish prime minister Erdogan has offended EU feeling by saying, at an Istanbul seminar: "You can’t make women equal to men ... our religion upheld a status for women: motherhood". Former EU commissioner Androulla Vassiliou said it shows Erdogan is not pro-European. MEP Marietje Schaake called it a "lightbulb moment".

[Ticker] EPP backs passanger data pact with Canada

4 hours 43 min ago
The European Parliament's centre-right EPP group backs a possible future agreement with Canada on sharing air passenger data details known as PNR. The assembly is set to vote on Tuesday on whether the European Court of Justice should issue an opinion on the proposed agreement, given its data privacy implications.

[Ticker] World powers and Iran extend nuclear deadline

6 hours 52 min ago
France, Germany, and the UK plus China, Russia, and the US Monday agreed to extend the deadline for a comprehensive deal on Iran's nuclear programme from 24 November until end-June 2015. UK FM Hammond told the BBC "enough progress has been made" to "give the prospect" of reaching an accord.

[Ticker] Finnish president: Joining Nato would harm Russia relations

7 hours 49 min ago
"If Finland joins Nato, that would undoubtedly harm our relations [with Russia]", Finland's president Sauli Niinistoe said in a Washington Post interview. “You have to keep in mind that 1,300 kilometres is a long, long border, and you just don’t keep it closed. On the contrary, it’s a living border".

[Ticker] Ukraine to hold referendum on EU and Nato membership

7 hours 49 min ago
“We've worked out an intense plan for the next six years, so the country meets the criteria to join the EU and join Nato ... then the Ukrainian people will decide on joining or not joining, in a referendum", Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko said in Kiev on Monday, Bloomberg reports.

[Ticker] Police arrest top Romanian prosecutor

10 hours 42 min ago
Police in Romania over the weekend arrested the country's top organised crime prosecutor Alina Bica on allegations of corruption, reports AFP. The police are probing Bica's role in a real estate deal said to have cost the government over €60 million.

Le Pen borrowed €9mn from Kremlin-linked bank

13 hours 54 min ago
Far-right French party Front National borrowed €9 million from a Russian bank, posing questions over its relationship with the Kremlin.

EU still undecided on France deficit

14 hours 1 min ago
Hawks and doves within the EU commission and member states continue to disagree on how to deal with France's budget deficit, seen as a credibility test for the EU.

[Ticker] Polish governing party wins local elections

14 hours 5 min ago
Poland’s governing Civic Platform party has won last week's local elections, the state election commission announced on Saturday. Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz had conceded her pro-EU party’s defeat based on exit polls, but the final results showed her party came first with 179 local assembly seats.

[Ticker] Russia backs trade deal between EU and Eurasian Union

14 hours 22 min ago
Russia backs a trade agreement between the EU and the Moscow-dominated Eurasian Economic Union, foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday. The Kremlin would not "shoot itself in the foot and reject co-operation with Europe,” added Lavrov. Russia and the EU have imposed tit-for-tat trade sanctions following the Ukraine crisis.

[Ticker] MEP vote on Palestinian state would be seen as 'anti Israel'

14 hours 23 min ago
A European Parliament vote to recognise a Palestinian state would be seen as "anti Israel", Israel's EU ambassador, David Walzer, has warned, according to Arutz Sheva. Walzer added that the vote would not encourage the re-opening of talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, the Israeli publication said.

[Ticker] UK party says unable to meet immigration cuts pledge

14 hours 48 min ago
Prime minister David Cameron's conservative party on Sunday said it will not be able to cut immigration numbers by the tens of thousands by next year's election despite campaign promises, reports Reuters. Home secretary Theresa May said it is unlikely the immigration cut pledge will be reached.

[Ticker] Portgual ex-PM arrested in tax fraud inquiry

14 hours 49 min ago
Police arrested Portugal's former prime minister Jose Socrates on Friday for his alleged role in money-laundering and tax fraud, reports the BBC. His arrest follows the resignation of Portugal's minister of interior in a separate corruption case dealing with residence permits for wealthy foreigners.

[Ticker] Over 600 Mediterranean boat migrants rescued

14 hours 50 min ago
The Italian coastguard says it rescued more than 600 boat migrants over the weekend, reports the Guardian. The rescues took place between the north African coast and Sicily. Around 520 migrants were found in the Strait of Sicily. Another 270 Syrian refugees were rescued near northern Cyprus.

[Ticker] Ireland has most efficient tax system in EU: report

14 hours 51 min ago
A PricewaterhouseCoopers report says Ireland has the most efficient tax system in the EU, reports the Irish Times. The report ranks the levels of bureaucracy for paying and filling out forms. A business in Ireland spends on average 80 hours on complying with taxes compared to 218 hours in Germany.

[Opinion] Former Israeli law chief urges EU parliament to back Palestine recognition

21 November, 2014 - 18:12
Recognition of Palestinian statehood is not only just, it also protects the national security interests of both nations.

EU parliament to vote on Palestine statehood

21 November, 2014 - 18:12
MEPs will add their voice to EU pressure on Palestine recognition next week, but diplomats say only the US can make a difference.