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Updated: 3 hours 2 min ago

[Ticker] MEPs adopt compromise cap on 'conventional' biofuels

4 hours 14 min ago
The European Parliament has approved a plan for a cap on older types of biofuels to counter the negative side-effects they have on the environment. The compromise is meant to increase investments in 'advanced' biofuels while not undermining Europe's nascent 'conventional' biofuels industry.

[Ticker] Greek PM does not rule out referendum

8 hours 6 min ago
Greek PM Tsipras told Star television a bailout-deal including austerity measures could go to a referendum: "If the solution falls outside our mandate, I will not have the right to violate it, so the solution to which we will come to will have to be approved by the Greek people."

EU diplomats push other states to set climate targets

8 hours 24 min ago
Countries outside the European Union are becoming more interested in discussing climate change at a higher political level, according to an internal EU document.

MEPs to grill EU judges on court reform

8 hours 25 min ago
A plan to double the number of judges is opposed by judges themselves. The ECJ chief will be heard by MEPs on Tuesday.

Germany and Poland celebrate close ties

8 hours 25 min ago
Polish and German leaders on Monday celebrated close ties in the context of WWII memorials and the death of Polish statesman Wladyslaw Bartoszewski.

Ireland and Luxembourg would be biggest Brexit losers

8 hours 27 min ago
Ireland and Luxembourg would be hardest hit economically if the UK decided to leave the EU, according to a new report.

[Ticker] Poland denies entry to Pro-Putin bikers

8 hours 50 min ago
Polish border guards on Monday blocked a group of 10 Russian Night Wolves bikers from entering into Poland on their way to Berlin to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II on 9 May. Polish bikers had planned to escort the Night Wolves through the country.

[Ticker] Juncker wants more women in commission top-posts

8 hours 51 min ago
EU commission president Juncker is keen to increase the number of woman in top posts, reports the Wall Street Journal. In an upcoming reshuffle of Director Generals, commissioners are to submit three names for their own department in sealed envelopes, with at least one of them being a woman.

[Ticker] Google in partnership with European publishers

8 hours 52 min ago
While EU authorities are investigating whether Google has abused its 90% market share in online searches, the US company has announced a new digital partnership with eight European publishers. It is also set to give €150m to European news publishers and journalism-focused start-ups over the next three years.

[Ticker] Spanish TV used for propaganda, journalists say

8 hours 53 min ago
Spanish journalists have turned to the European Parliament with a 7-page long complaint over Spanish national broadcaster TVE, claiming it is a “propaganda instrument in the service of the government” and sidelining opposition voices. “It has never been this bad,” president of TVE’s information council, Alejandro Caballero told the FT.

Juncker: No more delay on Ukraine free trade

8 hours 57 min ago
European Commission chief Juncker has said EU-Ukraine free trade should start next year, despite calls for another delay.

Ansip: EU will not change film release system

9 hours 5 min ago
The EU is not planning to change the current 'release window system' for films, the bloc's digital commissioner Andrus Ansip told members of the European Parliament.

[Ticker] 10 million Europeans 'under-employed'

9 hours 38 min ago
More than 20% of the 44.1 million part-time workers in the EU were under-employed in 2014, according to data published by Eurostat on Monday. 9.8 million workers said that they wanted to work more hours and were available to do so, equivalent to 4.5% of workers across the bloc.

[Analysis] Sidelining Varoufakis is Tsipras' wild card

27 April, 2015 - 16:46
Isolated in the eurogroup and less popular at home, the Greek finance minister will no longer be in sole command of negotiating with lenders.

[Ticker] MEPs commemorate victims in Mediterranean and Nepal

27 April, 2015 - 16:35
The EP started its plenary session Monday with a moment of silence to commemorate the migrants who died in the Mediterranean, and the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. Speaking of of the drowned migrants, president Schulz said moments of silence seem needed "every session" but "nothing is happening politically".

[Ticker] Greek finance minister to be surrounded by team of negotiators

27 April, 2015 - 13:05
Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has expressed support for his finance minister Yanis Varoufakis but decided to surround him with a team of negotiators coordinated by deputy Foreign Minister Euclid Tsakalotos, it was announced Monday. Varoufakis clashed with other Eurozone ministers on Friday over lack of progress in bailout talks.

[Ticker] Greeks unhappy with Tsipras government

27 April, 2015 - 11:52
An Alco poll for the Proto Thema newspaper in Greece says 52% of Greeks aren't satisfied with the performance of the Syriza-led government, versus 39% who are. It notes 50% of Greeks want Syriza to compromise if lenders don't accept its reform proposals, versus 36% who want a hard line.

[Ticker] Shelling 'intensifies' ahead of EU-Ukraine summit

27 April, 2015 - 10:54
International monitors, the OSCE, say south-east Ukraine is seeing the "most intense shelling ... since fighting began in the area in mid-February 2015" as EU and Ukraine leaders meeting in Kiev Monday. Monitor drones have also spotted "amassing of forces" by the pro-Russia side, including tanks, artillery, and armoured vehicles.

[Agenda] Security paper and Ukraine top EU agenda this WEEK

27 April, 2015 - 10:37
The European Commission will this week unveil a "security agenda" for the EU, including how to tackle terrorism, organised crime and cyber crime.

EU to re-open South-Asian trade talks

27 April, 2015 - 10:34
The EU is prepared to reopen trade negotiations with the Asean trade bloc of South-Asian countries, the bloc’s trade chief said ahead of a summit on Monday.