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What impact will Scottish independence have on Brexit?

18 September, 2014 - 07:21

There are differences between how the Scottish independence referendum and the possible future vote on the UK’s membership of the EU will be run, writes Dr Simon Sherwood. But will a Yes vote, increase or decrease the chances of Brexit?

Web start-ups offered EU funding worth €80 million

17 September, 2014 - 15:46

European start-ups can access EU funding worth €80 million, if they use an open internet platform to develop their web-based businesses.

Time for the EU to take innovative approaches to peacebuilding on board

17 September, 2014 - 15:34

While the EU as a ‘peace project’ has positively transformed a conflict-prone continent over the past half century, the EU as a global actor has yet to maximise its peacebuilding potential on the international scene. On the International Day of Peace, the newly appointed EU leadership should renew its commitment to peace by adopting innovative approaches to peacebuilding.

After independence day: The road ahead for an independent Scotland

17 September, 2014 - 14:36

Scotland is not the first sub-territorial entity to seek independence and will not be the last but this particular independence movement matters, writes Dr Michael J. Geary.

Western Balkan countries attempt to lower roaming charges

17 September, 2014 - 14:00

Before the end of this month, Montenegro will host a meeting of communications ministers of several southeastern European countries, who will consider the possibility of reducing roaming charges in the region, following the EU’s example. EurActiv Serbia reports.

Representatives of Serbia’s competent regulatory body Ratel told EurActiv Srbija that the general plan was to reduce mobile communications’ roaming charges in order to bring them down to a level similar to that of the EU within three years.

Commissioners-designate face parliamentary grilling: the draft agenda

17 September, 2014 - 13:03

Commissioners-designate will face scrutiny by MEPs before the new European Commission can start its five-year term on 1 November.

The idea behind the hearings is to assess each candidate’s competence on the portfolio they have been assigned. Although MEPs can only vote on the Commission as a whole, Parliament’s concerns about candidate commissioners have in the past led to candidacies being withdrawn or portfolios being reassigned.

French government loses absolute majority in parliament

17 September, 2014 - 12:09

France's embattled Prime Minister narrowly survived a confidence vote yesterday, by a margin of twenty-five votes. Addressing legislators, he painted a dramatic picture of the European economy, and demanded that the pace of deficit reduction be brought down.

ECB stress tests to challenge Germany's Landesbanken

17 September, 2014 - 11:38

For the first time since the financial crisis struck in 2008, the European Union is carrying out stress tests that could force change at banks with strong political connections, such as Germany's regional banks - the "Landesbanken".

Will the new EU Commission assure Europe’s leadership on sustainable development?

17 September, 2014 - 11:30

The re-shuffling of responsibilities among the European Commission’s directorates for the environment, climate change and energy are likely to fundamentally alter the landscape of EU environment policy over the next five years, writes Luc Bas.

Luc Bas is Director of the EU Representative Office of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Ratification, capitulation, and postponement, all at the same time in Kyiv

17 September, 2014 - 11:28

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had to accept an armistice with Russia, whose heavy support for the rebels in Donetsk and Lugansk had dramatically turned the tables of the war, writes Michael Emerson.

Michael Emerson is Associate Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). He is also a former EU ambassador to Moscow.

Family finances – a private matter?

17 September, 2014 - 11:22

Trusts are said to be used by the wealthy to evade taxes and hide money. This view seems to lie behind the pressure from the EU Parliament to open up trust details to the public. But the reality is very different, writes George Hodgson.

George Hodgson is Deputy CEO of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

The EU needs more anticipatory funding of health and environmental research

17 September, 2014 - 11:19

In recent months, there have been several attacks on the Precautionary Principle and how the principle has been used in the EU. For example, the scientific advisor to the President of the European Commission, Ann Glover, has accused Commissioners of having “crazy ideas” about the safety of nanotechnologies, genetically modified organisms, shale gas, endocrine disrupters, etc.

The EU and referenda on independence - a leap in the dark?

17 September, 2014 - 10:38

The referendum on independence for Scotland puts the EU in an unprecedented situation which is worth assessing on the basis of a series of legal, political and diplomatic considerations, writes Yves Bertoncini.

New Commission must take the reins from member states on energy policy

17 September, 2014 - 09:45

Europe is the world's largest trading bloc and yet energy and the free flow of electricity remain the realms of national parliaments. Vested interests and a lack of cooperation on interconnectivity and security of supply are holding Europe back in its fight for true energy security, writes Thomas Becker.

Gazprom: Serbia will start building South Stream in October

17 September, 2014 - 08:00

The construction of the Serbian stretch of the South Stream gas pipeline will start in October, the head of the Gazprom international projects department Alexander Siromyatin is quoted as saying by the Serbian media.

The construction work in Serbia will be begin regardless of the situation in Bulgaria, where the work on South Stream has been suspended until the project is fully harmonized with the EU regulations, said Siromyatin yesterday (16 September).

ECB invites banks to tap new funds it hopes will help envigorate eurozone

17 September, 2014 - 07:49

The European Central Bank invited banks on Tuesday (16 September) to bid for a fresh round of long-term loans it hopes will stimulate lending to businesses and reinvigorate the eurozone economy, but which may see only modest take-up.

Obama sends troops to West Africa to contain Ebola

17 September, 2014 - 07:43

US President Barack Obama yesterday (16 September) called West Africa's deadly Ebola outbreak a looming threat to global security and announced a major expansion of the US role in trying to halt its spread, including deployment of 3,000 troops to the region.

"The reality is that this epidemic is going to get worse before it gets better," Obama said at the Atlanta headquarters of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

German trade chief on Greece: 'Sustainable stimulus only comes from the private economy'

17 September, 2014 - 07:35

German investments in Greece have been dwindling, but there is good news for Greco-German economic relations, explained Eric Schweitzer, outlining German investment and Greek growth in an interview with EurActiv Greece.

Lawmakers to vote on EU's €5bn carbon permit giveaway

17 September, 2014 - 07:27

European lawmakers will vote next week on whether to force the European Commission to rethink giving billions of euros worth of carbon allowances away for free to heavy industries, after a senior Green member lodged an objection.

Bavarian conservatives seek to restore EU internal border checks

17 September, 2014 - 07:19

Bavaria is concerned about the growing number of refugees flooding its borders, leading the state's ruling right-wing party to propose checks along its border with Austria. Critics are calling the move “unrealistic” and “populist”. EurActiv Germany reports.