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Second EU presidential debate ends with ‘no winner’

10 May, 2014 - 09:45

Hosted by the European University Institute in Florence, candidates for the European Commission president left many of the observers in the audience wondering what the real political message of the four contenders actually was.

Front-runner German Social Democrat Martin Schulz, and Luxembourg Christian Democrat Jean-Claude Juncker, were joined by the Belgian Liberal Guy Verhofstadt, and French Green José Bové, for the second presidential debate in the run-up to the EU parliament elections in two weeks  (22-25 May).

EU Exit: Deception and Exaggeration

9 May, 2014 - 16:52

Eurosceptics lose the in/out debate because they don’t deploy the correct arguments and Europhiles, meanwhile, don't take them seriously. But a referendum will be fought on facts and those facts don't support our continued EU membership, writes Alan Murad.

Analyst: perceptions about enlargement differ in ‘older EU’

9 May, 2014 - 16:30

The perception of enlargement varies widely in the older members. Germany and Spain are globally satisfied, but there are specific difficulties in countries like France or the UK, where people insist more on the negative consequences of the recent enlargement, Yves Bertoncini told EurActiv Serbia in a recent interview.

Yves Bertoncini is the director of the Paris-based Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute. He spoke to EurActiv Serbia’s Smiljana Vukojicic Obradovic.

Profile: Karima Delli, Activist and MEP

9 May, 2014 - 16:18

MEP for the French Green party since 2009, Karima Delli is "Miss Social Housing" in the European Parliament. She is profiled in the second part of a series looking at the French election candidates, by EurActiv France.

Italian PM vows to push for United States of Europe during presidency

9 May, 2014 - 15:56

In an unprecedented speech outlining his vision for Europe, Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi called for courageous leaders to work towards a United States of Europe.

"For my children’s future I dream, think and work for the United States of Europe,” Renzi said, speaking at the State of the Union in Florence, launching an appeal to convince European leaders to show "not in the cold language of technocracy, that a stronger and more cohesive Europe is the only solution to the solve the problems of our time.”

How Manchester City could use EU competition law to beat Financial Fair Play rules

9 May, 2014 - 15:25

Manchester City Football Club is considering challenging a record-breaking €60 million fine for breaching UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules by using EU competition law to prevent cartels and abuse of market dominance.

Hollande warns ‘disappointing’ EU at risk of unravelling

9 May, 2014 - 15:22

President Francois Hollande on Friday (9 May) urged French voters in this month's European Parliament elections to reject Eurosceptic parties, warning that they wanted to reverse decades of European integration.

In a column in Le Monde, he condemned protectionist, anti-euro policies of the far-right National Front of Marine Le Pen, which polls show emerging as France's largest party in the May 25 election amid widespread voter apathy.

Putin defies West with Crimea visit

9 May, 2014 - 15:01

Russian President Vladimir Putin was received as a hero in Crimea today (9 May). He visited the peninsula for the first time since Russia annexed it from Ukraine in March, in a gesture of defiance that has angered the Ukrainian leadership and was branded as "inappropriate" by NATO and Western leaders.

Barroso draws back-to-the future vision for Europe

9 May, 2014 - 12:54

Europe is better prepared for the future than it has ever been, but it needs to return to debate politics and policies rather than how we make decisions, European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso said today (9 May) in Florence, as his second mandate draws to a close.

Speaking at the State of the Union conference organised by the European University Institute, Barroso provided a brief assessment of his decade-long tenure at the head of the Commission, and tried to sketch recommendations for the next EU executive.

Few differences between Schulz and Juncker in German TV debate

9 May, 2014 - 11:30

During the first German TV duel between Martin Schulz and Jean-Claude Juncker, the search to find differences between the two candidates for Commission Presidency continued. EurActiv Germany reports. 

On Thursday evening (8 May), centre-right Jean-Claude Juncker and Social Democrat Martin Schulz faced off in Berlin for the first TV duel in German broadcast on German and Austrian public television. Similarly to their first debate in Brussels one month ago, the candidates had a hard time trying to carve out policy differences between each other.

France concerned about liberalisation of EU sugar market

9 May, 2014 - 11:22

The deregulation of the European sugar market is looming. A French parliamentary report has requested support to French overseas departments where the sugar sector is fragile. EurActiv France reports.

US Under Secretary: On Russia, Ukraine, TTIP and the Snowden file

9 May, 2014 - 09:58

Russia is breaking international law over Ukraine, Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment at the US State Department Catherine Novelli told EurActiv, and it’s time for Europe to turn the page on Snowden and the NSA spying scandal.

Clegg warns ‘Brexit’ threat no way to negotiate EU reforms

9 May, 2014 - 09:23

Prime Minister David Cameron's plans to renegotiate Britain's ties with the European Union are wishful thinking and likely to yield only minor concessions that will not unite his governing Conservative party, his coalition partner will warn on Friday (9 May).

In a speech at Thomson Reuters in London, Nick Clegg, Britain's deputy prime minister, will launch one of his strongest critiques of Cameron's Europe policy so far as he unveils his own ideas for reform and sets out the case for Britain to remain inside the 28-nation bloc.

Serbia’s EU path is not a ‘walk in the park’

9 May, 2014 - 09:07

Serbia has to carry out accession negotiations in parallel with the normalisation of relations with its former province, Kosovo. This is not an easy thing, Corina Stratulat of the European Policy Centre (EPC), told EurActiv Serbia in an exclusive interview.

Corina Stratulat is Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre (EPC), where she works in the European Politics and Institutions Programme and coordinates the activities of the Balkans Forum. She spoke to Smiljana Vukojicic Obradovic.

Hike in French candidates for European elections

9 May, 2014 - 08:43

The French Interior Ministry has released information on all candidates for the European elections, May 25. There are 193 lists competing for 74 French seats in the European Parliament. EurActiv France reports.

Balance of power: a renewed case for renewable energy for Europe

9 May, 2014 - 08:41

Reinier de Graaf argues that in the midst of the Ukrainian crisis and the energy risks looming over Europe, EU member states should look more seriously into the Roadmap 2050 project initiated in 2009, and aim at cutting Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 through renewable energy use.

Van Rompuy flies to Ukraine to secure 25 May elections

9 May, 2014 - 07:59

Council President Herman Van Rompuy will travel to Ukraine next Monday to discuss how to stabilise the situation there before the 25 May presidential election, the EU said yesterday (8 May).

Western countries are hoping the election will help stabilise the country. But Russia said yesterday it would be senseless to go ahead with the vote, unless the Ukrainian government ended a military operation against separatists in the east and began a nationwide dialogue on constitutional reform.

LIVE: EU Commission candidates face-off

9 May, 2014 - 07:36

On Friday evening (9 May), the main contenders for the European Commission presidency face each other in a debate at the State of the Union conference in Florence. EurActiv covers the debate live.

Barroso warns of declining support for EU ahead of election

9 May, 2014 - 07:32

The lack of support to European Union institutions may become a threat to European integration itself, Commission President José Manuel Barroso warned in a major speech delivered at Berlin's Humboldt University on the occasion of Europe Day.

Barroso, whose second term as Commission President expires in November, named three gaps in the functioning of the EU. His warning comes two weeks ahead of the European Parliament elections, that will be held across the Union on 22-25 May.

Serbia's careful balancing act on Ukraine

9 May, 2014 - 07:16

Serbia strives to maintain a neutral stance on the Ukrainian crisis, refusing both to take part in sanctions against its Russian ally, and to support the secessionist movement in Crimea and eastern Ukraine. EurActiv Serbia reports.

For the time being, even though Serbia is an EU candidate country, that position is being met with a certain amount of understanding by both Brussels and Moscow.